Minnesota Knitting Mills

Quality knit products made by quality people

Minnesota Knitting Mills, Inc, is an expert custom manufacturer of circular and tubular knit, flat knit, jacquard knit, jersey knit, fleece knit, trim knit, knit hats, braid and filters.  Our products are made in the USA and shipped to customers worldwide for military, athletic, safety, outerwear, and medical industries


•    Our company was founded in 1908 by Harry and Meyer Kuller, as well as other business partners, under the name of H. Kuller Knitting in St. Paul, Minnesota, to knit, cut, and sew finished products.  

•    In 1917, Harry became the sole owner and re-named the company to Minnesota Knitting Mills, Inc. (MKM), located at 503/507 West 7th Street, St. Paul, Mn.

•    Harry’s sons, Nate and M. B. joined the company in 1922.  In 1941, M. B.’s son Ted Kuller also began working for MKM.  In 1942, Merrill Kuller also joined the company.  Then in 1949, Harold (Bunny) Kuller became the third brother to enter the business at age 13.

•    In 1951, MKM outgrew its space and moved to 213 East 4th Street, St. Paul, across from Union Depot.  

•    In 1956, an atmospheric dye plant was added to the facility

•    In 1973, a site at 1450 Mendota Heights Road was built.  This is where MKM resides today.  As the company grew, additional square footage was built onto the facility in 1988 and again in 1994.

•    In 1990, MKM bought Trim Knits in Texas, which was later moved to Minnesota.  

•    MKM also purchased Knits USA in 2000 to expand product offerings in the trim and award jackets/apparel market.

•    Minnesota Knitting Mills, Inc.  has a rich history steeped in dedication, determination, and drive.  This family-owned company has been in business since 1908, and boasts trademarks of quality, consistency, custom colors and 100% made in the USA. Harold “Bunny” Kuller, who started with the company in 1949, is now our Chairman of the Board and Owner. Our strongest asset has been the relationships we’ve built with our customers and the ability to work with them to produce high quality end products. We recognize the importance of all employees to be treated with respect and dignity and believe their contributions to be paramount to our overall success.