Minnesota Knitting Mills

Quality knit products made by quality people

Minnesota Knitting Mills, Inc, is an expert custom manufacturer of circular and tubular knit, flat knit, jacquard knit, jersey knit, fleece knit, trim knit, knit hats, braid and filters.  Our products are made in the USA and shipped to customers worldwide for military, athletic, safety, outerwear, and medical industries

Minnesota Knitting Mills Products

Since 1908, Minnesota Knitting Mills has  been a quality supplier, providing trim for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  We have continued to look forward regarding technology and styles of materials, as well as holding on to traditional products.  Here are just some examples of what we can do:

Specialty Products

•    Fire Retardant
•    Racewear
•    Specialty Gloves
•    Industrial Wear
•    Cleanroom
•    Conductive
•    Kevlar Sleeves
•    Safety trim

Medical Products

•    Orthotic braces
•    Medical scrub cuffs
•    Fetal monitor belly bands
•    Medical bandages/wraps
•    Filters

Durable Outerwear (cuffs, collars, and band sets)

•    Workwear
•    Seasonal jackets and coats
•    Windbreakers
•    Ski and other outerwear
•    Correctional clothing
•    Uniforms
•    Military
•    Hunting
•    Gloves

Athletic Wear (cuffs, collars, and braid trim)

•    School letter jackets
•    Team uniforms (youth, college, and professional)
•    Cheerleader and band uniforms
•    Special trims (glow in the dark, sparkle, logos, etc)


Winter accessories/hats

With our atmospheric dye house, and the utilization of a computerized color matching and quality system, we can custom dye nylon and polyester to literally any desired shade

We can produce goods in the following fibers:

•    Stretch Nylon
•    Textured Polyester
•    Spun Polyester
•    Acrylic
•    Stretch Polyester
•    Cotton
•    Poly/Cotton blend
•    Modacrylic
•    Kevlar
•    Spandex
•    Nomex
•    Elastic
•    Conductive fibers
•    Silver
•    Antimicrobial fibers
And many more!